Chiq Plastique

An underwater themed fund raiser for the Marine Conservation Society. Immortal Bloom joined forces with Stef Luminece for a low-key event that collaboratively celebrates creatures from the big blue oceans, all using domestic waste collected over a period of a month. We decided that we would like to keep this event going in the immediate future for all friends and family to get involved. The themes will differ for each event as we find new and innovative ways to repurpose waste materials.

Creative workshop

 The younger generation play a major part in setting an example to help spread awareness surrounding the destructive effects of climate change.

Chiq Plastique involved a craft costume making corner that wanted to involved young minds to demonstrate their abilities to think outside of the box and teach us @ Immortal Bloom a trick or too.

Mabgate Bleach having donated their space, made it possible for us to section up the activities in the afternoon, ready for the evening's celebrations.


Decor would not have been as dynamic without the  help of others and to where the decorations of the workshop could be infiltrated into the decor  which brings a sense of unity to the whole production.  

Bringing local talents of visual and music artists, Chiq Plastique, incorporated decor and audio with teamwork.  We wouldn't have made it possible to host the event in such a short time scale if it wasn't for Mabgate Bleach- the event space owned by Yorkshire locals who kindly let us create the event for free to participate in the charitable cause, they even ordered in bio-degradable cups especially for the event.



The event was designed to raise money for the Marine Conservation Society, hence why the theme was Aquatic.We also wanted to of plastic in the oceans to raise awareness through the words of art. The event managed to raise over £150








With Thanks,

Bobbie Atkinson

Helen Laffey

Ali Wilson

Jason McLelland


Mabgate Bleach

Future Events

Immortal Bloom, continue with Chiq Plastique events, exploring different themes through the use of resourced material. Alongside a fundraising opportunity for charities, we provide interactive creative workshops that remain an integral part for our decor pieces.

Our installation pieces are available to hire 


If Chiq Plastique is an event you would like host, we also take bookings, why not press the button below.