Connected is a developing project that repurposes single-use Key Kegs, used for beer, into a form that mimics mycelia and responds to sound from the surrounding environment. Only in its early stages, we aim to make this into a large scale installation looking through a macro lens of fungal networks that biomimic in which trees speak to each other. 

Livia Rita Oct 19

Surrealist performance artist Livia Rita, has an all immersive effect.  'Connected', alongside 'Swarm' project, is responsive to sound up from the surrounding environment, twinkling over the audience provoking an ambient and tactile effect. 

''It was inspiring to perform in a context of another artists ideas and creations.''

Livia Rita

ArtsTogether Launch @ Slunglow Theatre in asscociation with Opera North Aug 2019

A coming together of community groups, performers and discussion, our 'Connected project brought  audiences together to sing as part of the overall sculpture.  Hence provoking connection between the art work and the participant themselves. 

''Sculpture is impressive,

I was really taken aback by the transformative quality when the  lights were off''

Sinead, participant

Inner City Electronic @OpenSourceArts,

May 19

Open Source Arts, became our first host to showcase our 'Connected' project. The design of the piece is adaptable to any space and due to its light weight mobility, we could allude it to look like a continuous network coming out of the walls. 

Alongside music and social activity, the technology uses code so that it can alternate its response to its environment.

Using controllers that can be taken apart and put back together again, it defines our ethical values on circularity.


In building this piece, we wanted to  two workshops for processing the plastic, whilst discussing ideas on how to further use PET, and show manipulation techniques for others to use in their own domestics.

Cleaning, Cutting, Sewing, and Heat manipulating them, we achieved  to bring people together that was interactive and educational.

With special thanks,

   Open Source Arts  for letting us use       their space.


   Leeds Creative Time Bank,