Connected repurposes single-use Key Kegs, used for beer, into a form that mimics mycelia and responds to sound

Commissioned by Open Source Arts & Opera North / Arts Together

CHIQ Plastique

An event that brings sound, decor and social lovelyness together, our Chiq Plastique event transports party goers into another world. 

However we wouldn't achieve this unless we had audience, to participate in the creation process.

Families and children crafted and repurposed waste plastics that made fantastical additions to the final decor, thus keeping it imaginative and organic.

'Chiq Plastique' Nov 2019


A visualisation of invasive species provoking discussion in climate change, harmful effects of single used plastics and sea mammals in captivity.


PET shop is a series of workshops exploring how to turn household waste into artworks.

In association with LDPO (Leeds Disabled People Organisation)


A diverse experience that provides for stimulating workshops and immersive events.


PlastiCraft Workshops

Crafting tutorial in reimagining design in obsolete objects, waste materials and provoking conversation in environmental awareness.

Northern Regional College Oct 2019

A series of events showcasing emerging and experimental talent in music production.

Our plastic creations added visual dynamic when creating a sensory experience.

Crossed Wires Nov 2019- Feb2020. 

Full Decor to accompany Oxjam Festival @ Leeds.

  • Resourcing of props

  • Sourcing artworks from young talent.

  • Spatial Design.

September 2019

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