Rachel Rea

Artist Bio

Rachel’s interest in mediums that engage audiences in a sensory way can be perceived, such as light, textiles and other three-dimensional forms that make the physical aspects of an installation. Works can be tactile, visual and atmospheric, and with the choice of topics in the work she makes and collaborates in, these techniques are effective in communicating some pressing concerns of our time: waste and consumption of plastic products, and the devastation of vital ecological systems by climate change.

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Concept Artist

  • Plastic processing.

  • Heat Manipulation

  • Concept

  • Sculpture

  • Installation



  • Sculptor

  • Concept

  • Textile Design

  • Plastic Processing

  • Heat Manipulation

Chiq Plastique

Installation Artist

  • Resourced Plastics

  • Repurpose Practitioner 

  • Sculpture Hire

  • Textile Designer.