The Jellyfish is a highly adapatable species which can live up to hundreds of swarms destructive to fragile ecosystems.

Immortal, deriving from an immortal jellyfish and Bloom deriving from a grouping of jellyfish, Swarm uses invasive material for an invasive species to help communicate issues regarding our climate in an accessible way.

Livia Rita:Kissing Futures Nov 19 

Be transported to a synthesiser-drenched world through Livia Rita’s FUGA FUTURA, performed with the Avantgardeners Collective.  


With visual activity in stage and audience, this world transports you to another world entirely.

''Rachel's jellyfish created a mysterious and dreamy ambiance in the room.''

   Livia Rita



ArtsTogether Launch @ Slunglow Theatre in asscociation with Opera North Aug 2019

A coming together of community groups, performers and discussion, our 'Connected project brought  audiences together to sing as part of the overall sculpture.  Hence provoking connection between the art work and the participant themselves. 

''Sculpture is impressive,

I was really taken aback by the transformative quality when the  lights were off''

Sinead, participant

HumanAqairium, Feb 19 @St Johns Centre

An immersive aquarium like exhibition containing thought provoking photographs, installations, films and interactive activities. All created by Leeds-based Artists and Activists. 

''Visitors to the exhibition found the coral wall and jelly fish mesmerising and spent much time looking up into the lights and moving in and amongst the coral and jellyfish. This was a really strong edition to the rest of the exhibition and we definitely plan to collaborate together in the future.''

                          Yorkshire Life Aquatic


AquAIRium, @ University of Salford, Manchester Science Festival, 2017

Immortal Bloom’s recycled jellyfish pieces brought the aquAIRium installation to life. Their work was instrumental in achieving the immersive and sensory experience we were aiming for. Not only this but their use of recycled materials perfectly complimented one of our key themes ‘invasive species’ by highlighting, in such a visceral way, how plastic is also an invader of the natural world.’

Stuart Robertson, PHD Researcher.

Independant Leeds, Published in 2016

At the beginning as the Immortal Bloom project, Rachel (Jellyfish Creator) has been developing recycled plastics as a consistent material for her art where she works collaboratively with others to make an alternative form of repurposed material. 

Since then Immortal Bloom has transitioned into a collective of engineers and artists whose main objective is to  bring interactive installations as a focal point to communicate ethics on the environment.

''Art is a flow that is constantly challenged by political and cultural perspectives.” 

                                            Independent Leeds

Other events:

Crossed wires-Dec 2019-Feb 2020 @ Wharf Chambers.

Chic Plastique- 05/11/2019 @ Mabgate Bleach

Autumn Equinox- 22/09/2019 @ OpenSourceArts

Emmaus Fundraising event- 17/05/2017 @Emmaus Shop

Rixobnbury Festival- Aug 2017

Transmission- 09/02/17 @ The Brudenell Social Club.

The Big Ol' Art Thing- 23/09/2016 @ Old Red Bus Station.

The Art Hostel Opening- June 2016