Immortal Bloom


Immortal Bloom is a West Yorkshire based collective, creating magical, immersive installations which are sensitive to environmental ethics.

We maintain the mantra that ‘Waste is not necessarily wasteful, it just hasn’t been re-imagined yet thus providing an opportunity to explore crafting in an organic and environmentally sound way.’

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Science Communication

Visualising natural phenomena to aid in Scientific Research and Visualisation using interactive technologies.

With our skills and industry expertise, Immortal Bloom has collaborated with a wide range of artists, science groups and institutions.

Our aim is to achieve visually engaging and tactile experiences whilst demonstrating educational subjects, making learning fun, sensory and accessible for all audiences.

Photograph by Nick Harrison


Engage & Influence

From educational platforms to socials, we have covered it all and would like to help you make your event become that little bit extra for you and your audience.

Whether it's a music event, social gathering, party or educational session, Immortal Bloom has sourced and designed bespoke immersive and engaging backdrops

which will transform your space into a whole new dimension.

Have a theme in mind and need help bringing it to life?

Get in touch through our contact page and we can create the magic together!

Photograph by Ali Wilson, Boxjam



We're passionate about re-imagining materials used for artistic practice through workshops and educational stimuli.

We offer workshops in the following areas;

  • Plastic sculpture - showing techniques on how to build with single use plastics.

  • Environment & Materials - the environmental impacts of waste and ways to minimise plastic waste.

  • Accessible Technologies - basic hardware and coding through use of reusable and modular computers & controllers

Northern Regional College workshop.

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